Brandon University Scholarships For International Students


One of the easiest and cheapest way to study abroad, or in our case now Canada, is to obtain a scholarship. This would ensure that your studies in Canada are less expensive and not only that, you will be getting paid to go to school. sound great doesn’t it?

Canada has some great schools offering international students admission and lots of entrance, government or private scholarship to study in Canada.

Some of these scholarships are usually available only when you apply to the college or university while others are handed before the admission process begins.

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Many of the scholarships offered are also based on academic achievements and awards. Students who prove they are outstanding academically are often accepted for this type of scholarship. Another type of scholarship available is for developing countries or those who cannot afford their education.

A good example of such a school or university offering merit scholarships to international students is Brandon University. Brandon University is located in Brandon in Manitoba, the school which was founded as far back as 1899.

The University has grown to become one of the most outstanding schools in Canada, and one of the favorite destinations for international students providing a wide range of course programs and opportunities for both foreign and local students.

Different Scholarship For International Student At Brandon University

To be eligible for a scholarship at the Brandon University, you must meet all this criterion:

1 Academically Outstanding with proves to show

2. Just recently or newly gained admission into the University

3. Be an international student

List Of Scholarships Available at Brandon University

Board of Governors Entrance Scholarships

To qualify for this scholarship, students should be completing their high school education and have obtained admission at Brandon University with no more than a year gap from graduating from a high school.

IB (International Baccalaureate) Scholarships

This is a first-time entrance scholarship for international high school graduates entering Brandon University. Students must have shown great academic excellence in International Baccalaureate courses.

AP (Advanced Placement) Scholarships

This is also for students entering the university for the first time, and have excelled in their academics back in high school, and Advanced Placement courses.


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